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Premium Plus Poland sp z.o.o. - GREENLINE - Hollow Handle Micro Applicators
Posted on 2.5.2023
Premium Plus is a manufacturer of dental consumables and small equipment, with production in our factories in China and European distribution from our warehouse in Poland. We are proud to introduce our GREENLINE hollow handle micro applicator: made of 50% recycled plastic from our other manufacturing processes, the hollow handle means 45% less plastic than normal handles. We also use 100% recycled plastic to create a head that bends and maintains position. Available in 3 sizes -Regular, Fine, Ultrafine- with non-absorbent brush fibers that retain throughout the entire procedure and flexible handle that allows accurate applications of any liquids. Our hollow handle applicators are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes, each containing 100 pieces.
Posted on 2.5.2023
SURTRON® TOUCH HP 50D is a latest generation radiofrequency electrosurgical unit suitable for monopolar microsurgery. SURTRON® TOUCH HP 50D intuitive and easy to use, offers the possibility of selecting and saving various work programs using different functions of pure cut, cut coagulation and pure coagulation. SURTRON® TOUCH HP 50D with its easy and intuitive touchscreen work management and its outstanding safety features offers superior professional surgical results.   
B&B Dental Srl - Iuxta implants: how to deal with severe bone atrophies
Posted on 2.5.2023
Since 1992, B&B Dental is a leading Italian company in the field of oral implantology, specialized in the design, production and distribution of dental implants, regeneration materials and implantology accessories, both in Italy and all over the world. The company also offers guided surgery planning and printing services, as well as Iuxta implants design and production services. Iuxta implants are 100% customizable medical devices, made through titanium lasermelting printing, according to the specific anatomical needs of the patient. They are positioned subperiosteally, resting on the existing bone structure, and then fixed with osteosynthesis screws. New digital planning software and 3D production technologies make these implants a reliable and efficient solution in clinical cases presenting severe bone atrophies, when classic implantology cannot be used. Visit us at: Expodental Meeting Rimini 2023, Hall C1, Booth 30
Posted on 2.5.2023
Scan the QR code and register your account. We have refreshed our brand look. Now it is time to launch our new B2B portal. It was never easier in searching the right parts for your repair and placing orders.  We will help you with your turbine, contrangle or micromotor repair with thousands of compatible parts, tools and accessories. We also offer a large selection of hoses and suction tubes for unit repair plus syringes and their parts. Make your orders easier and use one supplier for all parts. We are at your disposal anytime for technical support!  
Ugin’ Dentaire - e.ON 250 neo & e.ON 200 neo ceramic furnaces
Posted on 2.5.2023
Ugin Dentaire’s e.ON 200 neo & e.ON 250 neo stand as state-of-the-art ceramic furnaces, where technology and design meet the needs of dental professionals and the requirements of today’s dental ceramics. Born out of the combination of technological innovations and the desire of providing a functional and efficient device, these ceramic furnaces guarantee great precision in temperature regulation, accuracy in the firing process and incredible results in terms of translucency of dental ceramics. Distributed and appreciated worldwide, the e.ON 200 neo and e.ON 250 neo have given proof of their great reliability and the trust they have gained throughout the years has been confirmed by the everlasting interest shown by dental professionals and technicians all over the world. Visit us at: Expodental Meeting Rimini 2023, Hall A1, Aisle 2, Booth 74
Wave Dental - Redefine the standard of ordinary burs
Posted on 2.5.2023
Wave Dental is designed to redefine the standard of ordinary burs, while maintaining affordable prices for its customers. Our mission is to ensure all dentists have access to top quality burs, whenever they need them, in turn, improving the experience and safety of dental patients across the globe. The BurPlus range, engineered to meet the needs of the price-conscious dentist, undergo a full in-house inspection of strength and diameter prior to being delivered. With all Trimming and Finishing burs, along with many of our Metal Cutting series being made from one single piece of carbide, Wave Dental’s burs can be trusted on enhanced strength, with proven reduction in vibration and less breakage when cutting, increasing longevity of its products. We are proudly becoming part of the dental health revolution that will see more people than ever before receive care from professionals, equipped with the best possible products. For further information on our extensive range of products, contact our team.  
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