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LYRA etk - The iPhysio® Profile Designer, the 3-in-1 healing solution
Posted on 27.10.2022
iPhysio® is an innovative process that ensures prosthetic and surgical consistency thanks to a prosthetic-guided protocol.  By combining the functions of healing, impression, and temporary. It provides biological respect, and comfort, and is time-saving for practitioners and patients.  The iPhysio® Profile Designer is universal. It is compatible with all intraoral scanners, is integrated into the major CAD/CAM software, and is compatible with most brands and types of implants.   
Technology in Biomaterials S.L. - techBiomat bone® is an inorganic, bovine bone mineral matrix that is physically and chemically comparable to the top competitor in the dental bone graft substitute market
Posted on 26.10.2022
techBiomat bone® is used as a bone substitute for bone defect restoration, periodontics, and maxillofacial surgery. Due to the extensive interconnection between its porous structure and unique consistency, techBiomat bone® promotes the formation and growth of new bone in the implanted zone. techBiomat bone® particles are physiologically remodeled gradually by osteoclasts and osteoblasts, becoming an integral part of the newly formed bone structure, and preserving the volume of the renewed bone. techBiomat bone® is an excellent alternative to autologous bone grafts. Visit us at ADF Paris
Ekom - EKOM compressors with adsorption dryers
Posted on 25.10.2022
Do you need extreme dry air?  Not a problem. Ekom introduces new line of compressors with own adsorption dryers. Suitable for all dental applications, mainly for advanced treatments e.g. implantology, maxillofacial surgery or for CAD/CAM systems, where the dry air is essential to ensure successful treatment and correct functioning of connected dental devices. Technical specification: Pressure dew point up to -70°C  Guaranteed dew point  from 5°C to 40°C ambient temperature  First service after 8.000 hours, completed in 15 minutes Quick-change cartridge with integrated filtration 1 micron Optional filtration up to 0,01 micron For more info visit our web page:
Posted on 25.10.2022
Medirel founded in 1974 in Switzerland is the export and marketing office for LA MAISON DENTAIRE. MEDIREL and LA MAISON DENTAIRE are both certified ISO and CE and are manufacturing high-quality dental products for endodontics, restoration, prosthetics, surgery, implantology, prophylaxis and aesthetics.  Our main product category, The Rocanal Line, CE certified, is SWISS MADE and is a world leader in root canal treatment. The Endodontic Treatment ROCANAL consists in:  Rocanal IrrigationHydroalcoholic rinsing solution for cleaning and preparing root canals, with Benzethonium Chloride and EDTA. The only “ready for use” product on the market that meats all criteria for root canal preparation. Rocanal R2 Permanent VitalPermanent filling cement for filling the vital tooth after pulpectomie. Rocanal R3 Permanent GangrenePermanent filling cement for filling the infected root canals.The new formula of ROCANAL R3 has an enhanced antimicrobial effect for gangrenous teeth.  
Vericom - MAZIC L-100 /C-100 "The New Era of 3D Printing Experience"
Posted on 25.10.2022
VERICOM Co., Ltd. is a company which develops dental biomaterials such as CAD/CAM block materials, 3D printing materials, composite resin, bonding system, impression materials, root canal filling and preventive materials. MAZIC L-100 is a 3D printer which has a compact design and user friendly system. Resin tank is easy to replace and clean. Fast and detailed printing make the printing experience convenient and precise. MAZIC C-100 is a compact curing device. Device ensures fast curing time in addition to high safety features. MAZIC D Series resin fit perfectly with the L-100 printer for more precise and high quality printing.  
Shining 3D Dental - Aoralscan 3 and AccuFab L4D – a single solution for your digital needs
Posted on 25.10.2022
The constant optimization and innovation by Shining 3D led to the release of its finest intraoral scanner, Aoralscan 3. It improves the overall clinical experience, thanks to its Powerful and intelligent data processing capabilities, allowing users to easily acquire digital impressions in a faster and more accurate way. The scan speed has been drastically improved, up to 30% faster than the previous model thanks to a renewed scanning technology. A further addition to Shining 3D’s line-up of dental additive manufacturing solutions is the AccuFab-L4D. It is a large- platform 3D printer developed to further the popularization of digital treatment solutions. The AccuFab-L4D impresses with a large printing platform while simultaneously convincing with a small and compact body. The simple but modern and lightweight design enables easy and user- friendly operation providing users at all stages of digital dental experience a smoothening of their respective printing application.  
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