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Microcopy - Spiraling in Control - New NeoDiamond Spiral Burs
Posted on 18.4.2024

Microcopy's NeoDiamond Spiral burs are specifically designed to deliver superior cutting efficiency. They enable fast and easy crown preparation and abrasion of different materials such as ceramics, hypermineralized enamel and old metal restorations.   The Spirals have diamond-free channels that facilitate fast and bulk removal of debris and allow water to flow more smoothly.  This translates into less clogging and a more efficient cut.  The Spirals are available in 26 shapes, including a selection of 24 karat gold-plated burs. The gold-plating helps to prevent clogging which significantly increases the effectiveness of the bur.  

Dental Tech - TRAY DENTAL TECH: news and restyling
Posted on 18.4.2024

Dental Tech trays, with their ergonomic design, realise the best relationship between the instruments contained and the box itself. They are light, manageable, stackable, compact, capacious and easily transportable. Furthermore, they guarantee the safety of the instruments contained, preventing them from being lost during handling. The plastic materials used are highly impact-resistant and certified for more than 1000 autoclave sterilisation cycles. The new "Tray IM" Surgical Kit allows the clinician to work with a single surgical instrument kit, regardless of the implant line used. Only the One-piece implant has a dedicated tray. Furthermore, Dental Tech provides professionals with a Tray dedicated only to the prosthetic phase to avoid having to use, and consequently open and re-sterilise, all the surgical instruments even if not used. Visit us at: Expodental Meeting Rimini, Hall C1, Booth 10IAO - EAO - SIdP 2024, Level 0 - South Hall, Booth C12

GDT Dental Implants - ABA Spiral Implant: embodying the broad compatibility of the Internal Hex design
Posted on 18.4.2024

The ABA Spiral Implant features the classic Internal Hexagon connection, catering to various surgical procedures including two-stage processes and immediate loading implantation. Crafted from Titanium Grade 5 and characterized by its aggressive apical threads and sand-blasted, double-etched acid (SLA) coating, the ABA implant utilizes its tapered body and exceptional self-drilling capabilities to empower dental professional when practicing flapless implantation techniques. The ABA Spiral Implant, alongside the MOR, RBM, ZYG and numerous other implants, are the testament to our wide range of solutions to dental professionals worldwide, coinciding with our commitment to quick and efficient global delivery with our signature same-day-dispatch shipping method. Visit us at: Expodental Meeting Rimini, Hall C1, Booth 15

Posted on 18.4.2024

IBO presents its complete CADCAM workflow system based on Intraoral Scanbodies. Made of medical Grade 5 Titanium MONO-BLOCK with Zirconia Nitride (ZrN) coating for a PERFECT SCANNING, Intraoral Scanbodies have same body diametre size as implant, low vertical height for a more convenient use with intraoral scanners and are RADIOPAQUE to ensure a proper settlement. Our CADCAM workflow offers all kind of options to solve any clinical case through our compatible dental components. Our complete product range consists of all kind of abutments, CADCAM libraries, dental implants and bone grafting materials. We are manufacturers since 2009, guaranteeing high-level product due to all Quality Certifications we have available, with high profit for dealers and partners.. We have solutions for the main implant systems in the market. IBO is looking for international distributors all over the world.

ROEN Sas - ROEN Fixation System
Posted on 18.4.2024

ROEN has designed 4 fixation systems for oral surgery, DUAL PINS Hybrid pins for membrane and mesh fixation, S-LINE screws for blocks and mesh fixation, FITLOCK screws for mesh fixation, PINJECT classic pin. Kits include manual drivers, CA drivers, burs (except for PINJECT) and refills. The autoclavable dispenser is a valuable tool to complete all systems except for PINJECT PINS. All screws and pins made in titanium grade 4 and are self threading (except for PINJECT PINS). S-LINE and FIT-LOCK are cross cut connection and DUAL PINS are allen key micro connection. PINJECT pins have a patented connection wiht the applicator and once wihdrawn from the dispenser they are containted inside the applicator untill they are inserted into the bone.

Ningbo Ican Machines - ICANCLAVE, make the sterilization easy!
Posted on 18.4.2024

We have been focusing on the development and production of dental steam sterilizer for 20 years. ICANCLAVE always make the sterilization easy and satisfied the dentists all of the world both on the quality and service. Three series of Class B steam sterilizers Model D, Model D pro and Model T, provide sterilization solutions for dental clinics with different budgets.       

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