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Dental Tech - Dental implants and prosthetic components for every clinical need
Posted on 19.7.2023
Dental Tech, for over 45 years, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing own implant lines for every clinical need. But in addition to dental implants, our Technical Staff is always at work to be able to make high quality and maximum precision prosthetic components available to the clinician. By working with tolerances reduced to a minimum and carrying out very strict checks, we are able to guarantee excellent stability between the components. At the disposal of the professional you can find Components:    • for cemented/screwed prosthesis     • for MUA screwed prosthesis     • for digital flow     • for overdenture  There are many prosthetic components made available to professionals and designed with different heights, inclinations and diameters in order to better address any clinical need, both with analogue and digital planning. Straight and angled abutments, Overcast Abutment CrCo, Bonding base for angled screw channel, Castable or temporary abutment are just a few examples that you can find in the wide range of Dental Tech products. More info: Visit us at: Dental World Budapest - HUNGEXPO Fair Center  
Tribest - A forward-looking company focused on dental instruments
Posted on 19.7.2023
Born in 2006, is a forward-looking company focused on dental instruments that are needed for the world. Our company values are “safe”, “accurate” and “trustworthy”. Most of our products had got CE, MDR, ISO, FSC and FDA certificate approved. Various products can help you enjoy one step purchasing to save your time, energy, money.   We have registered MDR for most of our Class I products.   Visit us at: DenTech China 2023, Booth R62-63, R84-85  
Proclinic - Correctly modulated times and different viscosities suited to every clinical need
Posted on 19.7.2023
  Proclinic Expert silicones guaratee maximum precision and quality. Their nanotechnology and hydrophilic properties combine to provide detailed impressions, guaranteed dimensional accuracy and total margin integrity. Discover Proclinic Expert silicones as well as our complete private label range!  A B2B Online Platform is also at your disposal where you can find more than 70.000 items including all the worldwide best-selling products and brands.  
Microcopy - Strong Is Best
Posted on 19.7.2023
How many times have you had carbides break during treatment? This sabotages the treatment flow and can also give patients a negative experience. Microcopy developed a patented solution that dramatically strengthens our burs.   Select NeoBurr carbides have a 'Blended Neck' design that increases the neck's width and redistributes the pressure so that it is disbursed along the entire length of the bur, rather than concentrated on the neck.  The burs are made entirely from Tungsten Carbide, and this 'Single-Piece' construction eliminates the welding point, which is where most breakage occurs. For stronger carbides, make the switch to NeoBurr.    Visit us at: Henry Schein DentAllday The Netherlands - Sept. 30, 2023 - Meet Dr. Maarten de Beer at the Microcopy booth
Promis Srl - (Probably) the most beautiful toothbrush in the world
Posted on 19.7.2023
PROMIS®, a trailblazing brand within the dental industry, is pleased to announce its international expansion following its remarkable success. Developed by dentists and part of the largest Dental Group in Italy, promis is revolutionizing the market by seamlessly blending innovation, design, and sustainability. Driven by market trends and a passion for excellence, promis is transforming the dental landscape by shifting it into the beauty industry. By harmonizing dental care and personal well-being, the brand introduces a unique concept that resonates with today's conscious consumers.  This presents an exciting opportunity for forward-thinking partners who share the brand's vision and values. For more information, please visit   Visit us at: AEEDC 2024  
Forum Engineering Technologies - Determining an accurate location of buried implants can be challenging and time-consuming
Posted on 19.7.2023
The Spotter Smart Implant detector from Forumtec is an advanced electronic device that accurately locates dental implants covered by gum tissue and bone in a two-stage implantology when using no healing cap. The first innovative Implant detector that minimizes pain and reduces healing and chair time. • Helps to find buried implants easily and accurately • Eliminates the need to open the flap • Minimizes suturing requirements and shortens the recovery period • Saves valuable gum tissue • Suitability with various Titanium implant systems • Detachable sensor heads for easy sterilization • FDA cleared and CE mark We are looking for collaboration with Distributors and Implant manufacturers!  If you are looking for a unique technology to add to your Implant product offering, the Spotter Implant detector can complete your line of products and leverage your sales offers. It is ideal for bundling with other products and promoting your implant system.    
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