Ekom Spol s r.o. - EKOM compressors with adsorption dryers

Do you need extreme dry air? 

Not a problem. Ekom introduces new line of compressors with own adsorption dryers. Suitable for all dental applications, mainly for advanced treatments e.g. implantology, maxillofacial surgery or for CAD/CAM systems, where the dry air is essential to ensure successful treatment and correct functioning of connected dental devices.

Technical specification:

Pressure dew point up to -70°C 

Guaranteed dew point  from 5°C to 40°C ambient temperature 

First service after 8.000 hours, completed in 15 minutes

Quick-change cartridge with integrated filtration 1 micron

Optional filtration up to 0,01 micron

For more info visit our web page: www.ekom.sk


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